We need to get behind media entrepreneurship in Asia.

The way forward for all of us is to work together.

Facebook's Anjali Kapoor supports the news industry in the region by partnering with quality publishers in Asia. Photo supplied by Facebook.
Facebook's Anjali Kapoor supports the news industry in the region by partnering with quality publishers in Asia. Photo supplied by Facebook.

Anjali Kapoor is Director of News Partnerships in Asia Pacific at Facebook, which is the principal sponsor of Splice Beta 2019.

It’s an interesting time to be part of news and journalism in Asia — where stories and storytelling could not be more impactful. Some of the most important stories today are being told about and for this region — around politics and elections, expanding economies and technology success stories building from our region.

I think about the news moments that have played out across the region in the past several years: the surprising upset of Malaysia’s election last year, natural disasters that played out through images and video, the groundbreaking meeting of North and South Korea, or the captivating Thai cave rescue — all of these I consumed through new formats on my phone — shared and discussed them with friends around the world.

People come together around news — we have a desire to be informed. The daily news plays a vital role in helping communities make important decisions that shape their culture.

Even as new formats proliferate, the tension for today’s newsroom is ensuring that the news finds its audience and the business finds a sustainable model.

We know we have a responsibility to ensure our community can access high quality news. Whether it’s a partner in Taiwan who used Facebook Live for eight hours to report during a recent election, broadcasters in Thailand using social video to create interactive news programming, or partners in Malaysia and Philippines looking to diversify their audience and revenue streams through new funding models including subscriptions, we want to evolve the way we support news partners in the region.

Newsrooms in Asia are experiencing rapid change — the community meeting at Splice Beta represents the diversity and tenacity of our region. When I think about when I first moved to the region, the news community was dominated by traditional print and linear broadcast media organizations. Today we are seeing startups and independents grow and shape the landscape along with traditional news organizations.

While this emerging ecosystem is shaped by technology, it’s also about newsrooms harnessing technology to find the people most interested and impacted by the stories they have to tell.

News startups, independent publishers and traditional new organizations alike are developing fresh new approaches to storytelling, considering new formats and shifting engagement strategies to reach a loyal engaged audience.

Some of our partners use analytic tools like CrowdTangle to inform their reporting on topics that matter to their readers — during election debates in Indonesia our partners experimented with live dashboards and polls to get instant feedback from their audience.

Our team at Facebook will continue to work to support newsrooms and journalists as we know the way forward for all of us is to work together. Supporting high-quality journalism means helping publishers build a sustainable future on and off platform. We will continue to work to support an ecosystem where new forms of journalism and the important stories, can thrive in our region and reach the world.

Anjali supports the news industry in the region by partnering with news organizations to achieve their business and strategic goals on Facebook platforms. She was most recently at Bloomberg Asia where she developed the regional digital and business strategy for APAC and India.

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