Announcing the Splice Beta program

This is what you'll learn at Asia's first media festival.

The Beta schedule
The Beta schedule is a range of session formats across three days, from creation stories to masterclasses, all-in discussions to in-depth workshops, to intimate one-on-one mentoring discussions. Illustration by Rishad Patel

We’re five weeks out from Splice Beta in Chiang Mai! For our inaugural festival, we’re bringing together both big and small media newsrooms to share what we’ve all learned, and try to figure out what we haven’t.

After 30 years of the web, 13 years of Facebook, and 12 years of smartphones, we know more about what people want, and what they need. We know how and where people get their news and information.

We also know how much more we need to know: how do we find the right match of journalism, audience, and revenue? The Splice Beta program brings together the people in Asia who are figuring out the answer — or answers (plural) — to that question.

Join us at Splice Beta

This is what we have in store.


Splice Beta will gather more than 40 of the best new media companies. From the well-known like Rappler in the Philippines, Malaysiakini, Coconuts Media, The Wire and Scroll from India, Caixin Media in China, and Spinoff in New Zealand, to some of the smaller startups and most exciting experiments in journalism across Asia Pacific. They’ll all be there to share their insights and to learn from each other about:

  • How to build a media startup
  • Product-led innovation and developing a product mindset
  • How to build a regional and global voice
  • Experiments with audience, membership, and location-driven journalism
  • Subscriptions, crowdfunding, and other reader revenue strategies
  • Branded content and advertising
  • Fundraising and business planning nitty-gritty
  • Experimenting with journalism formats — audio, voice, and video

And we’ll have a range of session formats, from creation stories to masterclasses, all-in discussions to in-depth workshops, to intimate one-on-one mentoring discussions.


Splice Beta Pitch Stage

We’re showcasing up to 10 emerging startups at Beta. They have four minutes to introduce their ideas. If you want to pitch, contact us. It’s the safest place to fail. We’ll catch you.


Limited-Space Masterclasses

Each media has to figure out its own strategy for success. We’ve got you covered with some of the region’s leading experts on:

  • Creating and monetizing a podcasting business
  • Placing values and vision at the core of your business
  • Crafting the perfect audience engagement strategy on Facebook
  • Understanding your audience as a starting point for building a membership model
  • How to map, track and evaluate impact with engaged journalism
  • Using data science and design to tell better stories

We need to be our own champions, here in the Asia-Pacific. And that’s why we’re championing media at Splice Beta.

Tickets are limited — get yours here and have a front-row seat to the transformation of media in Asia.

Jacqui is an editor, media strategist and social entrepreneur. She leads research and strategy for Splice and is a senior fellow for Asia Pacific journalism and innovation at the University of Technology, Sydney. Follow Jacqui Park on Twitter.

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