Splice needs an editor to cover the transformation of media in Asia.

We support bold, forward-looking media startups in Asia. Let's tell their stories together.

Splice needs an editor.
Illustration by Vector Tradition and Rishad Patel

Our mission is to drive radical change by supporting bold, forward-looking media startups in Asia. Help us do this by telling their stories. 

Are you a journalist? Great, but you don’t have to be. Business consultants, journalists, product managers—we love you all. But you must be fluent in spoken and written English, understand how startup founders and product managers think, and above all, be able to tell a compelling story about where media is headed in Asia.

We’d love for you have a point of view of how media business models work — or could work.

Have a look at some of our original stories, so you know what we have in mind. 

Striving for best practice in your work is vital.

You can be as remote as you like — check-ins are mostly weekly.

You’ll want a network you can tap in to; feel free to use ours as well.

We believe in a collaborative style of work and management, and love grown-ups who can manage themselves.

We tend towards tools that allow for this intersection of independence + transparency + collaboration, including messaging, project management, content pipelines, document sharing, co-editing, publishing (to WordPress, newsletters, and social channels), and payments. So we prefer Google Docs, not MS Word; Slack, not email; agile, not waterfall; adulting, not micro-management.

We see you creating a happy mix of writing yourself as well as sourcing, commissioning, and editing freelancers from the region.

A percentage of your work with Splice would also use other exciting skills you may have, include editing documents and training materials, training journalists, and giving us way better ideas than we could ever have.

We would love you to be curious and compassionate, have an opinion, and be generally non-evil.

Let’s build this ecosystem together! Email Alan and let’s see how we can serve this community.

Rishad Patel is a product and design professional. He is the co-founder of Splice Media. Follow Rishad Patel on Twitter.

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Our mission is to drive radical change by supporting bold, forward-looking media startups in Asia. In order to do this, we report on, teach, transform, and fund newsrooms in Asia.

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