Beta 2020
Come join the community.

Splice Beta is back in Chiang Mai on September 22-24, 2020.

We were so torn up having to postpone this in February because of the coronavirus. But hey, it’s hard to keep a good tuktuk down. 

Come celebrate Asia’s most amazing media startups with us in September.

Join us and an amazing cast of characters from the global media ecosystem — the startups, the founders, the funders, the freelancers, the granters, the NGOs, the academics and students, big tech, little tech, the platforms and the edge cases, the VCs and the international agencies.

We’re getting together to celebrate this amazing age of media that we live in. Come join the community.

Plus, there’s going to be a pink tuktuk.

We can’t wait to see you. We’re re-building the entire program from February, so check back again later for details.

— Alan Soon and Rishad Patel
Splice co-founders

Christoph Grabitz

Director Media Programme Asia Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

“Now dry your tears, stop repeating that 20-year-old, self-fulfilling prophecy of media as a dying industry and come celebrate the future of journalism in Asia. Here is why we at KAS love Splice Beta: It glows in the dark.”
Media startup founders, tech folks, investors, journalists, media development donors, product managers, and academics. All in one chilled city.

At our sold-out (then postponed) event in February, we had more than 150 organizations register. We also delivered on our goals around access and diversity.

We want Beta to be a stage where smart and generous people are seen and heard.

We want this to be a launchpad for new talent, especially those that wouldn’t normally make it to conferences, where they’re told they’re too young, too junior, or too inexperienced to speak.

We had near gender parity on both attendees and speakers. 81% of speakers were also new to Beta. We had 35 nationalities representated. We couldn’t have been more proud.

In September, we’re going to try and meet these numbers again. Join us. 

Roby Alampay

Puma Podcast

“The atmosphere was perfect. Fun, open, and all discussions were relevant and completely relateable at our common level. It's not often that I can say that a conference has exceeded my expectations.”
Beta logo animation 2

This is the golden age of media.

Let us show you what it looks like.

Kathryn Louise Geels

European Journalism Centre

“You could say #splicebeta is the ‘Perugia of the east’, but it’s its own thing - more fringe and more like a big family. Everyone has each other’s back, and each person on stage is the audience’s hero.”
Our partners
Thank you for
building the future of
media with us.
“It takes a community to re-imagine a transformed media landscape in Asia. This is the power of the media startups that Beta brings together.”

— Anjali Kapoor

Director of APAC News Partnerships



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About our ticket price

We’re keeping the ticket price the same — US$300. This helps us pay for food, drinks, and running the entire event. It also helps to pay for our Fellows, students, or young journalists who can’t otherwise make their way to Beta.

We’re also looking for champions who want to pay-it-forward to help other people get to Beta. Just click on that button and donate.

If you need help, let us know. We will try and find someone to sponsor your trip. Email

Premesh Chandran

Co-Founder, Malaysiakini

“One of our lessons from the past two decades is the importance of pulling together a community of media professionals. I believe Splice Beta is one of the best ways to do that in Asia.”